Through my art, I want to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the human mind, body, and soul. I feel that art is not separate from the soul of a man. In my experience, creating art is actually my soul, more than me, the human. The spirit speaks and reflects the world to me in non-verbal communication expressed through my art forms which in my case in the form of visual art.

Both art and life are closely related and feed into each other, and this conversation between the two keeps my heart beating every day. When you look around, every object in the world is created from love, thoughts, feelings, and vibrations manifested into forms of visual art, dance, music, cookery, buildings, and so on.

The process of my abstract paintings is guided by my intuition more than the conscious mind. I allow it to take over and use my hands to express whatever comes through at that moment, which gives me a sense of detachment from my human bondage, and freedom to roam the wide universe.

My paintings are visual rhythmical poems. Others can view them as my personal exploration open for interpretation.

“Art brings me a sense of life,

An understanding of what makes me a human.

And why I am here on Earth.”

Mateusz Beznitz